Our Story

In 2017 Tim Carter and family from Coober Pedy purchased the Daly Waters Historic Pub 590km south of Darwin. This Iconic Pub is a must see attraction, a quirky place with quality accommodation, great pub grub and not to be missed Tim’s Junk Yard crammed with decades of collectables.

The pub was built in 1930 by Bill and Henrietta Pierce (Read 2 at Daly Waters by Elisabeth George 1946) a great tale of the early beginnings of the pub and life as a settler in the outback. In the past the pub has witnessed murders, shoot outs in the main street, cattle stampeding through town and the odd drunken brawls. Station owners threatened to burn the place down or buy it and bulldoze it to stop the local ringers from riding into town, hence the old bath tub & rail to hitch your horse onto.

Today the only shoot out is at the bar during Happy Hour and the only brawling done is between the gangs of Happy Jacks (local birds). Often late at night if alone in the bar you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Heavy objects sometimes go flying in the kitchen and it is not the chef. We believe it is Sarah a lady who was murdered here by her husband but he got away with it because he reckoned she was having an affair with the gardener. Many years ago the postmaster was knocked off and his takings stolen the suspect moved from the area and committed suicide many years later.

We liken the pub to an old lady, can be cranky at times just needs a bit of tender lovin' so we are always improving on our facilities and services but don't come if you're looking for 5 stars. The stars you will find are the millions that twinkle each night in a perfect dry season sky, not clouded by smog or noise pollution. During the wet the green frogs will serenade you with a noise which translates to "more rain more rain!!" We love them!